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Here is our latest success by taxpayer watchdog affiliate in CA. A Billion dollar swindle.

I started the Goffstown, New Boston Taxpayer Watchdog Group when I uncovered millions in NH Education tax dollars being swindled from the NH taxpayers in the Goffstown High School construction project. Simply for asking questions and demanding answers of our public officials as to where the money went, I was threatened with death by Goffstown Prosecutor Kerry Steckowych's "personal messengers".  I got the threats on tape. They brag about being members of organized crime connected to "politicians!".

I got prosecuted for wiretapping!

In Indiana, a women named Diana Vice started a taxpayer watchdog group called Welcome To My Tea Party after she uncovered a swindling of the taxpayers identical to the one I uncovered in NH. 

Her actions prompted the Indiana Attorney General to write an opinion in our favor!

Her actions prompted the state legislature to change the bidding laws. Diana acknowledged my part in her quest for accountability and justice. This saved the taxpayers approximately $50 million in 2009 alone. Over a 10 year period, that is $500 million that the taxpayers will be saving. These are Education tax dollars! She is incensed by what the State of NH has done to me!. In NH, US Attorney John Kacavas, a Shaheen political appointee, had this to say about the very same scam run by the very same companies here in NH. What's going on in NH??

In NJ, a man named Douglas Wicks uncovered the same swindle. The Actions by this taxpayer watchdog prompted the State of NJ Commission of Investigation to leap into action. The State of NJ Commission of Investigation's only task is to "investigate organized crime and racketeering."

In California on June 30, 2010, taxpayer watchdog and Architect Janet Campbell's 13 year ordeal  came to a climax at the California State Assembly in the State Capitol Building. They held a two-hour Hearing on the Roofing Scam in State and School Buildings. It got done because of Assemblyman Hector de la Torres from South Gate, CA (LA area). You won't believe what he did there to overturn corruption with Janet Campbell guiding him!

The Legal Counsel for the State Auditor at the very beginning describes what they found. Approximately $300 million of education funding money being swindled every year so far! Insiders believe it is closer to $1 billion! Over a 10 year period, that is scam of approximately $10 billion in California alone!!! Multiply this times 50 states and it is an immense swindle of education taxpayer dollars.  Assemblymen defending the School Districts earlier in the hearing were then demanding to know why these people were not in jail?!! I'm guessing that it is an election year conversion. Most have known about "The Scam" and participated in it for years. Now, with California in a budget crisis, they need to expose it to survive.

That is why I threw my hat in the ring for the US Senate on the Republican ticket in 2010 and now again for the US Senate in 2014 to challenge US Senator Jeanne Shaheens seat. As NH's Senior Senator, she needs to tell the NH voters what she knew about these death threats against this political challenger and when did she know it. I'm going to quote NH State Representative Al Baldasaro. "Something is not right here."

I got a late start out of the gate for the 2010 election. Now I'm getting an early start. Today, May 13, 2013, I'm announcing my candidacy for the United States Senate in 2014.

Your donations are appreciated.

Gerard Beloin For US Senate 2014